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Advice for Sufferers of Coeliac Disease

According to several sources, as many as 1 in 100 people could suffer from coeliac disease, and with many of those yet to be diagnosed with the condition, it seems to be evident in all societies, and can affect anyone at any age. The disease affects the autoimmune system, which gives a bad reaction when gluten products are ingested, and this can cause serious damage to the lower bowels. If you have experienced some discomfort in that area, it is advisable to consult your GP, who can give you a blood test to confirm if you are affected by coeliac disease. If the test are positive and you have the disease, your doctor would issue you with a gluten free prescription, which allows to you purchase gluten-free products from any pharmacy.

Join an Online Community

With so many people having to avoid gluten in their diet, it is hardly surprising that online communities have established themselves, and by joining such a group, you will receive useful advice on gluten free foods. Not only that, you will also be able to source online suppliers of gluten free products, and there would be many informative articles written for coeliac sufferers, which is an important part of the education process, and by talking to others who are in the same boat, you will be reassured that the disease is not going to affect your life too much.

Dietary Planning

The first thing a coeliac sufferer should do is create a gluten free diet plan, and there are websites than can help you to do this. As so many people must avoid gluten, there is a lot of useful information online, and it should not be a problem to create a diet that is both nutritious and tasty. It might feel a little strange at first, and remember that when you are outside of your home, you must always watch what you eat, but after a while, you become accustomed to looking for gluten free products when out and about.

Creating your Gluten Free Prescription

Your GP would be able to help you with this, and the British government will allow you a set amount for gluten free products, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. Apart from this, you can buy gluten free products online, which is also very convenient, and by making a list for a month or so, a single order will ensure that your diet is always free of gluten.

Dining Outside

For all sufferers of coeliac disease, eating out means careful menu selections, and with many retail food outlets that have gluten free items on their menu, things aren’t as difficult as you might think. Some restaurants actually have a separate menu for gluten free items, and with a varied choice available, dining out is not really an issue.

Coeliac disease does not mean that your life is going to change dramatically, and once you are accustomed to living without gluten, avoiding it is the only thing you must do to remain healthy.

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