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Anavar 20mgs Pills – Safe for Women Athletes

Anabolic steroids are basically the synthetic versions of testosterone. Oxa-Max is one such anabolic androgenic steroid which was developed by Raphael Rappo at the Searle laboratory. Oxa-Max is also known as Anavar, Oxandrolone and Oxandrin. This was then introduced in the US in the year 1964 for treating some of the medical conditions like anemia and hereditary angioedema. But eventually, not only for medical conditions, it started gaining huge popularity even for other purposes like building lean muscles and enhancing the overall performance of a sportsman. Compared to the other steroids, these Anavar pills are mild on the liver and do not affect the body’s normal production of testosterone when taken at a low dose of 20mg. It is not the right choice if you are looking for bulking, instead, it can act wonder for hardening the muscles.

Importance of the chemical structure

In this C17 aa anabolic steroid, the position of the 17th carbon atom of Anavar has been purposely altered.  The purpose behind is, the drug can easily retain its unique structure while passing through the liver, the complex filter of our body. This chemically altered structure helps it to survive while in the body’s digestive system and move to the bloodstream fast. Once the Oxa Max Anavar pills reach the bloodstream it becomes active and stays active for only about 9 hours. Now depending on the requirement of the medical patient, the dosage might be increased.

Medical usage

Anavar is normally prescribed to treat a lot of medical conditions. When taken you tend to lose weight very fast and also the muscle tissues. It has proved to be very effective for people suffering from AIDS. It has been seen that in these people the muscle mass gradually starts decreasing. With Anavar, under monitored treatment, the muscle mass can be at least maintained if not increased. Turner’s syndrome is another medical condition that can be treated with its help. This condition is known to stop the growth in young women. Anavar helps them to significantly increase their height. You should be careful, in the growing stage as an overdose can increase the risk of improper development of bones.

Why best for women

Normally, women are advised to avoid anabolic androgenic steroids. The basic reason is that there are chances that they may develop a deep voice and excessive hair on the body along with other side effects. But Oxa Max Anavar pills are very mild and are considered to be totally free from any kind of side effects. But any sudden increase in the dosage is not advised. Since it was initially manufactured to build lean muscles, men usually do not prefer this drug for building muscles. So, it is preferred by female users to enhance their overall performance in sports. Looking at the popularity it has gained amongst the female users it has been nicked named as the “Girl Steroid”. But in order to ensure that they don’t face any kind of side effects, even women should always stick to the dosage prescribed to them by their physician.

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