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Deciding on unplanned pregnancy – the role of pregnancy clinics

Pregnancy is a condition that is accompanied by complex emotions that need careful handling. A lot of psychological counseling and psychotherapy is necessary to assist women to handle their new found condition in the most sensitive way so that it culminates in a happy ending. There has to be good understanding between partners during pregnancy and this aspect is subjected to undue strain if it is an unintended pregnancy.  The result of unintended pregnancy is particularly challenging for women who are caught in a maze of myriad and complex emotions that tend to make them confused and create a lot of stress thus rendering them incapable of taking decisions. This is when they are in dire need of mental support from someone who can be trusted to the hilt and has the ability to assist ailing minds in facilitating the process of decision making.

Addressing the need

Women with unintended pregnancy are most affected by the feeling of being left alone to decide on the most critical aspect of their life. Being unprepared to handle the situation arising from unplanned pregnancy, the outcome of the decision can have far reaching effects in the lives of women. Their mental state does not allow them to take a decision on their own, which is so essential.  It is important to refrain from imposing any decision on them. Instead, they should be supported to tide over the crisis and take a decision with the help of counselors who are trained in pregnancy counseling.

Relationship angle

Relationships can take a hit from unwanted pregnancies if the emotional issues are not sorted out with clear understanding between partners. This is not an easy job and needs the guidance of professionals. Knowing that one has to choose between parenting, adopting or abortion, it is the most difficult decision to take as it can have life changing effects. It is only normal for pregnant women to go through bouts of depression both before and after pregnancy and if it is unplanned the problem in compounded many times more.

How counseling helps

Whatever decision is taken, women should be in the driver’s seat and not mere passengers in the decision making process. This is the objective of any pregnancy center San Francisco that acts as a facilitator to women with unplanned pregnancies. The center arranges for counseling sessions that is aimed at helping women to clarify their resources and choices. They provide them with medical assistance, too. The woman is able to stay firm on her choices and values with the counselor guiding her through the decision making process without giving any advice about what should be done.

What to get

Space and support are the cornerstones of any pregnancy center San Francisco that is manned by a team of trained counselors who can become the trusted guide with whom all information and concerns can be shared with confidence. Women can open up their minds at these centers that have a relaxed and calm ambiance and conclude the process of decision making.

Pregnancy centers have brought new hope in the lives of women who are victims of unplanned pregnancy.

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