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How a Herniated Disc Can Affect Daily Activities

Disc degeneration is a condition that normally occurs as we grow older. However, cases of disc degeneration involving children as young as ten years old have been occuring with alarming frequency. Today’s world is fast paced. Everything is desired right now, not later. We want it now and without question, feeling as though we need to move fast in this world or be left behind. However, when dealing with health issues, some medical conditions will not allow us to perform as normal or as we did before the issues presented itself. If you’re dealing with a herniated disc, your life will definitely be impacted. When an individual is diagnosed with a herniated disc, the most important first step is to make sure youobtain guidance from your physician. The disc can become worse when indulging in numerous daily activities including minor ones such as moving around the home.

After diagnosis, patients are advised to limit any daily activities requiring movement. Sleeping and some exercises can result in increased pain or even cause the affected disc to protrude even worse. In addition, sitting in the same position for long periods can also increase the pain. To diminish the pain, remember to always sit up straight, making sure you are aware of your posture. Poor posture can cause more pain when suffering with a herniated disc. Patients suffering with the condition may also notice a change in bowel and bladder functions. As the issue continues to worsen, some patients have experienced pain while walking for brief interludes. Degeneration from the disease causes even minor daily ‘movement’ activities to be painful, such as walking long distances when exercising or even simply walking in your home.

The nerve affected by the problem will determine how much and where the pain will occur. Numbness has also been reported and diagnosed as one of the difficulties when suffering with disc degeneration. Some patients have obtained relief with surgery, while others may not be good candidates. Neurosurgeons take every opportunity possible to decrease the amount of pain a patient is experiencing without having to perform surgery. If at all possible, surgery is not recommended. However, if they determine the only solution is surgery, then it is recommended as soon as possible, while still young. Diagnosis and treatment has to be determined by your neurosurgeon. With proper diagnosis, therapy and, if necessary, surgery, patients have been able to find relief. If you are looking for bulging disk treatments in Ottawa (or the city where you reside), or another type of back pain treatment, making an appointment with a back specialist, such as those found at the Broadview Spine & Health Centre, is your best option. A consultation along with X-Rays and MRI’s will help the back pain doctor to make a proper diagnosis in order to recommend the best course of treatment.

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