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Is stem cell research ready for therapeutic applications?

Stem cell treatment Dallas TX has gained popularity and there are many people who claim to have benefited from the treatment. The fact that stem cell therapy works well in certain conditions has been established through evidence though it is yet to be recognized by the FDA as an established medical treatment. Rather, it is still considered as ongoing research that holds good promise in the future.

But there is confusion in the minds of people who find wide media propaganda projecting stem cell research as being ready to be used for therapeutic purposes to be too tall a claim. The problem is compounded further by the hype all around us that portray the success of stem cell treatment by naming some celebrities and eminent personalities who have benefited from it. It is now time to have a close look at the prevailing scenario and evaluate the ground reality by shedding away the hype and media glare on the subject.

Skewed facts

The problem is that the treatment is no doubt available and is also effective in specific instances but the public at large is misguided by improper facts used by various companies in their own way to market products like cosmetics and face creams that they claim to be blessed with the benefits of stem cells. Going deeper into the problem it will be noticed that the results that are being publicized without understanding the full scope of the results. And this is the root of the problem that has resulted in gross misconception about the potential and possibilities of stem cell treatment.

False hope

The result of such wide spread publicity about stem cell treatment being the cure for all diseases including some incurable ones has given rise to high hopes among people which are far from true and can be quite damaging. People are given to understand that stem cell treatment offers solutions for all and this has made them turn to it when they have used up all options that are known to them. This has resulted in promises being made that cannot be kept and has been driving people to pursue false hope that can often have devastating effects both on the body and pockets.  Waste of time, money and resources is coupled with the dangers of bodily harm that can drive people to despair and cause irreversible damage.  False hope results in eroding public trust on stem cell treatment that can have far reaching effects.

Silver lining

There is no doubt that stem cell treatment in Dallas TX has enormous potential and it might take another 5 to 10 years for the treatment to gain recognition by regulatory bodies as an established treatment procedure. Till that time, the media and the press has to shoulder the responsibility of representing stem cell science in its true light so that undue commercial mileage is not derived by clinics that can misguide people to take irrational decisions  and raise false hopes.

Regulatory loopholes exist in many countries that have to be effectively plugged so that irrational claims about the success of stem cell science stop emanating and help people realize its true potential.

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