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Why JCI Accreditation Matters a lot for Healthcare Centers

No matter whether your healthcare center is big or small, patients come to the hospitals for treatment only when it is recognized and quality wise safe for them. Nobody would take risk of getting treatment in a hospital that is not at all safe for them. Therefore, hospitals need to provide themselves that they are safe and provide the world-class treatment to the patients. The only way to prove it is to get accreditation that makes sure the hospital is safe and has quality environment for patients. Getting an accreditation is not at all an easy task; it requires lots of efforts to stand on the requirements and needs. JCI is one of the accreditation that a hospital must have to ensure safe environment for the patients. JCI accreditation stands for Joint Commission and JCI is an independent body that evaluates a research whether a hospital meets international quality standards or not.

Any healthcare organization or hospital which applies to get accreditation from JCI requires at least two years to prepare themselves and to stand upon the international standards. To get an accreditation from JCI, the entire healthcare organization needs to work together for implementing and developing quality and safe environment for patients, and procedures that are needed to cater needs of international standards. During on site evaluation for JCI accreditation, a team of JCI comes to the organization for evaluating and inspecting several measurable elements.

A team of JCI experts interviews physicians, patients, staff, nurses and all other people who are involved with the healthcare organization to analyze whether they are working according to international standards or not. Survey done by JCI touches every single aspect of healthcare organization and ensures the safety and quality of the healthcare organization. Therefore, a healthcare organization needs to prepare well before visit of JCI team or they can also learn how to prepare by hiring JCI Accreditation Consultants who may help you to guide during accreditation process.

The evaluation methods and standards of JCI Accreditation are as follows:

  1. Supporting and motivating sustained quality enhancement.
  2. Emphasizing on building a safe environment for the patients.
  • Built to reduce the level of risk.
  1. Developed by health specialists particularly for the health care field.
  2. Valid for every healthcare organization and national healthcare centers.

Since JCI is focused upon developing a safe environment in the healthcare organization, it makes patients feel reliable to get treatment from the hospitals or healthcare centers that are accredited with JCI. This is the reason why JCI accreditation plays a major role in the enhancement of healthcare organization and also makes sure that the patients would only get the quality treatment.

If you are running a healthcare center or hospital, you need to get JCI accreditation for it so as to build the trust of patients and everyone that is involved with your organization, be it a staff, nurses, or anyone else. Get in touch with the best JCI accreditation consultants at Mediance Healthcare who may guide you for applying accreditation and also provide you training to get prepared for on-site evaluation.

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