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Protecting Your Ears from Excessive Noise Levels More Effectively

It is a sobering truth that many people suffer from hearing loss but did you also know that a lot of this ear damage actually begins when we are young? In fact, it has been predicted that with the rise of more and more people using headphones and portable digital music players, there will be a hearing loss epidemic in the not too distant future.

The inner ear is a delicate mechanism made up of tiny nerves, hair follicles, membranes, and bones. It is this structure that translates the sound waves that we hear into vibrations that the brain can interpret. The central issue is that this set of delicate structures can become very easily damaged if it is exposed to loud noises, especially continuous loud noise over a certain threshold.

How Your Hearing Is Damaged Permanently

Have you ever experienced sloshing sounds in your ear or difficulty hearing the day after you have been to a particularly loud music concert? If you have, you have also experienced the effects of hearing damage. On most occasions, this sloshing effect will be relieved and hearing will seem to normalise but the truth is that these loud sounds have actually done damage to the delicate hairs inside the inner ear that pick up sound vibrations. The problem is that they do not grow back and cannot be repaired through surgery.

It is not just concert-goers who are at risk of permanent hearing damage. If safety regulations are not adhered to properly, hearing damage can happen in the military, in industry, and in commercial areas too. In fact, many older people who did not have the benefit of working in safe workplaces had to endure very noisy machinery day in and day out for years. As long-retired elderly people, they have found themselves with significant hearing loss.

Stopping Hearing Loss Where it Counts

The best way to address the issue of hearing loss is to prevent as much excessive noise as possible from reaching the inner ear and damaging it. The most effective method of doing this is by investing in a set of highlyeffective earplugs from places such as

Rather than simply sit over the head as traditional earplugs do, these kinds of plugs actually can be moulded to the specific shape of any ear. After moulding them in hot water, they then sit comfortably. The benefit of this approach is as follows:

  • Comfort: Earplugs that can be moulded to the shape of any ear canal are simply more comfortable.
  • Effective: Because these kinds of earplugs sit inside the ear canal, they are more effective at preventing excessive noise from hitting the eardrum, thus making them better for preventing long-term hearing loss.

If you work in an area where excessive levels of noise are a problem, isn’t it time that you took care of your own long-term hearing health and invested in a set of quality earplugs that do a great job of protecting your hearing future?

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