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Tips to follow to promote hair growth naturally

Expensive hair care products may not be right options for most people. The fact is that these products may or may not offer with desired results. You have to look around for best natural remedies. The main nutrient that makes our hair is the Protein (Keratin).the follicles are responsible for hair growth. You can collect more in-depth information about supplements for hair growth and thickness.

On an average around 6 inches of old dead cells are pushed out from the surface replaced by new cells. So the hair that is visible on the outer surface is nothing but dead cell – Keratin. Any average male, in general, loses around 100 hair strands on daily basis.

Hair loss

In the early days, hair loss was a problem that was linked to the age factor. But in present time, it is also associated with changing lifestyle. There may be a number of reasons responsible for hair loss. Some of the causes may be related to medications, hereditary and other factors.

This forces us to look around for medications and other remedies that can help promote hair growth. This means taking care of other factors including hormonal imbalance, stress and some other conditions.

Natural causes to promote hair growth

1    Onion juice

This is one of the most effective remedies against hair loss. It also offers instant results that can be noticed within few days of application. Onion is one of the supplements that are rich in Sulphur contents. This ingredient helps in promoting hair growth and improving the health of your hair.

•    Take juice of few slices of onion. You can collect the juice after grating it.

•    Try and apply to your scalp for about 15 minutes and leave it to dry.

•    Later on, you can shampoo it.

•    You can also try and add little amount of potato juice to it or coconut milk.

2    Coconut Milk

This is one of the best hair growth supplements. It makes your hair health and promotes growth. It will also help in repairing damaged hair. It is rich in iron and potassium.

•    You have to ensure that you use milk taken from fresh coconut only.

•    You can mix it will little amount of lemon juice extract.

•    For shine, you can add lavender oil to it.

•    This mix can be applied to your scalp and left for few hours and then washed away.

These are effective remedies that will offer your hair with natural shine and healthy looks. It will also promote hair growth. These are best supplements for hair growth and thickness.

3    Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is also an ingredient that helps promote hair growth.  It is also helpful in maintaining normal pH level of your hair. You have to ensure that you only use a diluted solution by adding water to it. This mix can be applied to your scalp region and left for few minutes. Later on, you can make use of mild shampoo to wash your hair.

Apart from this, there are still a number of other home remedy ingredients that help in promoting hair growth.

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